Distinguished Alumni Program

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This program was initiated in 2000 by Gary Muir, John Starkey, Dick Verity and Mary Welsh.  It was later expanded to include Ken Strachen (who acted as Chair until his death, in 2005), Ruth Lefler, Bruce Hill and Neil McKinnell.

The purpose of the program is to recognize former students or staff who have achieved outstanding accomplishments Internationally, Nationally, Provincially and/or Locally in one or more of 14 different disciplines.  It acts as on incentive to present students to know that students like they are can achieve International and National stature in many different fields.

The focus to date has been on people who have distinguished themselves in the International and National categories.  Recognition ceremonies have been held in 2001, 2004, 2006 and 2011.  To date, 33 former students have been honoured in the International Category and 13 in the National Level.

The Foundation will continue to support and fund the Recognition Program as part of its mandate to celebrate the history and accomplishments of Brantford’s first Collegiate.