Door Sponsorship Program


When the Directors of the Foundation learned the Board of Education’s budget for the rebuild of the original 1910 B.C.I. would not provide funds for either restoring the original doors or reconstructing new solid hardwood replicas of those doors, the Foundation “stepped forward”. 

At a cost of almost $200,000 the Foundation researched and arranged with a specialized firm to recreate 46 beautifully crafted replicas of the original classroom doors, including their brass hardware.

Naturally, a project of this size has impacted on the Foundation’s endowment funds and its interest-generating capital.  In order to recover some of those funds and to give an opportunity for individuals, families, classes, years, sports teams, decade groups, teaching departments, friends of BCI, some of the school’s famous students or their families to have a part in the restoration of the original 1910 building, a “Sponsorship Program” for the doors has been developed.

The program follows the format used by many hospitals and other institutions which provide for “sponsoring” rooms or specific areas in their buildings.

Plaques indicate that a specific door has been sponsored “In Memory” or “In Honour” of an individual, family, group etc.

The cost to sponsor a door is $3,000, which is tax deductable.  This will not recover the Foundation’s investment in the doors.  It will, however, accomplish two things:

1. Allow the sponsors to have a lasting part in the rebuilding of our historic 1910 school.

2. Help the Foundation replace some of its endowment/interest-generating capital so that it will be able to continue its other educational programs and projects that help the present students and staff.

Note: Choice of location, room number etc. will be on a first come, first serve basis. At present 29 doors have been sponsored and 19 doors remain.

For more information or to indicate your interest or desire to participate in this program, please e-mail or phone 519-753-0053 or email the Foundation at

All Sponsorships or Donations should be sent to:

BCI&VS Alumni Foundation
c/o Millards
96 Nelson Street,P.O. Box 367,
Brantford, ON     N3T 5N3
Attention: Cameron Johnston